Yes, computers can be friendly. We provide laptop and desktop repairs on-site or in our shop located in Clear Lake Center in Webster at the intersection of NASA Road 1 and I-45. We Provide Networking services, reloads, configurations, spyware/virus removal, data recovery, PlayStation repairs and build custom high-performance gaming systems. We are in the same center as Burlington Coat Factory, so just stop in and say hello if you are in the area. Contact us and you will have a better day.


Avoiding "sticker shock" is one of our primary objectives. Customers always know exactly what they will pay when they pick up their computer before we perform the repairs. Through an interactive approach with the customer, people know what is being done to their machines and understand motivation for the work. Give us a call and discuss your problem with our talented staff and they will help you become comfortable that we are the best choice for resolution of your problems.

Maintenance Plan

Please call 281-554-5500 for information regarding our Friendly Maintenance Plan. We will send out a technician at no charge to evaluate your current network and create a quote based on your current configuration and your needs. Clients who have Friendly Maintenance Plans benefit from priority service, with a guaranteed response time of four hours or less.