Who Says You Need An Air Printer?

With the release of the new iPhone 5, Apple has once again set the standard in the smartphone industry. A bigger screen and an even lighter body weight are just a few of the newest features. But even with the updates, you’ll still need a printer enabled with Apple’s proprietary AirPrint if you want to print anything from your new iPhone.

Or maybe not. Thanks to some ingenious code writers, you can now turn any USB printer on your network into an Air Printer with a free app called Air Print Installer. A member of the Apple-centric website, MacRumors.com, wrote an application that lets you print from your iOS enabled device to any USB printer that shares the same network. A few simple clicks of the mouse, a few taps on your i-Device, and sure enough, you can print everything from notes to web pages to photos. And the best feature? It’s completely free!

Keep in mind that the app is an unendorsed product with little to no support from the creators. However, with its easy installation and straightforward interface, the app is a breeze for even the most novice users.

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