Who Says You Need An Air Printer?

With the release of the new iPhone 5, Apple has once again set the standard in the smartphone industry. A bigger screen and an even lighter body weight are just a few of the newest features. But even with the updates, you’ll still need a printer enabled with Apple’s proprietary AirPrint if you want to print anything from your new iPhone.

Or maybe not. Thanks to some ingenious code writers, you can now turn any USB printer on your network into an Air Printer with a free app called Air Print Installer. A member of the Apple-centric website, MacRumors.com, wrote an application that lets you print from your iOS enabled device to any USB printer that shares the same network. A few simple clicks of the mouse, a few taps on your i-Device, and sure enough, you can print everything from notes to web pages to photos. And the best feature? It’s completely free!

Keep in mind that the app is an unendorsed product with little to no support from the creators. However, with its easy installation and straightforward interface, the app is a breeze for even the most novice users.

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A Guardian Angel In Your Pocket

A new app available for the iPhone has brought personal security into the 21st century.

myGuardianAngel is an app that will notify your friends and family if there’s an emergency. It allows you to pick members of your contact list and add them to an emergency contact group who will get an alert when the app is “triggered.” The people on your list receive a text and email that there may be trouble. The message contains your GPS location and a link to audio and/or video captured by the phone.

When activated, the app will record 30 seconds of audio and video footage. The recordings are uploaded to a secure server almost instantaneously, so in the event of a crime being committed, destroying the phone won’t destroy the evidence. The app can also be used in situations that aren’t quite dangerous, but potentially could be. By concealing your phone, audio recordings sent to the server could be just enough to let your loved ones know that you may be in trouble.

myGuardianAngel is available for iOS devices, and at just .99¢, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

If you have questions about myGuardianAngel or need assistance setting the app up, send us an email at sweettips@friendlycomputers.com, or call us at 888-PCFRIEND.

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Splashtop Gets a Makeover

Back in February, we told you about Splashtop – a mobile app that gives you access to your computer when you’re on the go. Splashtop just released an update that demands a second look at this helpful, easy to use app.

If you’ve used Spashtop before, you’re already familiar with its features. But with the recent update, there are a host of improvements that make the app more intuitive, more secure, and more reliable. The update takes advantage of the new iPad retina display, resulting in a sharper, brighter image. The enhanced user controls also contribute to a more user-friendly interface. But the most impressive aspect of the update is the addition of XDisplay.

XDisplay lets you use your iPad as a wireless second monitor for your computer. It features full audio and video support, auto orientation for landscape and portrait viewing, a virtual on-screen keyboard, and much more.

The new update currently works with Windows 7, Vista, XP, and MAC OS X10.6+.

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Splashtop Remote Desktop

This week’s spotlight falls on the Splashtop Remote Desktop app.

Splashtop is an amazing app that gives you complete access to your PC or Mac from anywhere. The handy app incorporates a series of intuitive, user-friendly gestures that allows you to control your PC or MAC with the swipe of your finger. Splashtop makes it easy to use software on your computer that isn’t readily available for iOS and Android powered devices. What sets this app apart from its competitors is it’s unique ability to stream video and audio to your mobile device. From streaming flash videos and playing games on Facebook to viewing Powerpoint presentations to listening to music in any format, Splashtop makes it all possible.

Available in the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.

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Air Video

Air Video is a feature-packed app for your iPhone or iPad.

Air Video gives you the ability to stream your video collection from your PC directly to your iDevice.  Say goodbye to storing huge movie files on your iPhone – with Air Video, you have the freedom of enjoying your entire video collection on your PC without taking up precious storage capacity.  Stream your movies right to your phone without the hassle of converting them to a compatible format – Air Video does all the work for you in real-time.  Whether you’re waiting for a plane or relaxing in bed, Air Video brings your videos right to you. Available in the App Store for $2.99, or try the trimmed-down free version before you buy.

If you have any questions about Air Video, or any of our computer repair services, give your local Friendly Computers a call.

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