Affordable Wireless Security Cameras

Home security continues to be a growing concern for many people. This week we’re taking a look at a new wireless security camera available at your local Friendly Computers location.

The camera is packed with many great features, including the ability to pan and tilt, infrared night vision, and built-in two-way communication. The camera can be mounted to just about any surface, and because the camera transmits images wirelessly, you won’t be tethered with long cables.

The camera can be accessed from any computer and supports mobile devices as well. So if you’re on the go, out of town, or simply want to check up on things while you’re at work, you can view the camera from your Smartphone.

But the best feature about this camera could be the price! For a limited time, Friendly Computers is offering an incredible summer sale that includes the camera and installation for one low price. If you’d like more information about this sizzling summer special, or any of the other computer repair services Friendly Computers offers, send us an email at

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