Splashtop Remote Desktop

This week’s spotlight falls on the Splashtop Remote Desktop app.

Splashtop is an amazing app that gives you complete access to your PC or Mac from anywhere. The handy app incorporates a series of intuitive, user-friendly gestures that allows you to control your PC or MAC with the swipe of your finger. Splashtop makes it easy to use software on your computer that isn’t readily available for iOS and Android powered devices. What sets this app apart from its competitors is it’s unique ability to stream video and audio to your mobile device. From streaming flash videos and playing games on Facebook to viewing Powerpoint presentations to listening to music in any format, Splashtop makes it all possible.

Available in the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.

If you have any questions about Splashtop, or any of our computer repair services, give your local Friendly Computers a call.

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