Forget Your Password?

Today we’re looking at MSecure Password Manager from MSeven Software. MSecure is a desktop and mobile application that acts as a central database for all of your passwords and other important information.

The program allows you to create multiple entries to keep track of important dates, club memberships, safe combinations, email accounts, and much more. What makes the software so appealing is that instead of trying to remember dozens of passwords, you only need to remember one. Upload all of your information to Dropbox, and it will automatically sync with your other devices.

MSecure is available for PC and Mac for $19.95, and for your iPhone or Android for $9.99. For a limited time, MSeven is offering a thirty day trial of the PC and Mac version.

If you’ve got questions about MSecure, give us a call at 888-PCFRIEND. And don’t forget to ask about computer repair services available in your area.

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